Trying to figure out the strumming pattern that sounds right.I have the chords down but every youtube video or online lesson seems to have a different strumming pattern .Does it really matter the strumming pattern as long as you make the changes when you should ? Im in my 1st year of learning via the internet (50+yrs old)....The strumming pattern i use is the same i use with ABB Melissa DDDD UUU DUDU...which seems to be the "2nd verse pattern",but i use it for all the song...help/advice ???
If you want to sing along with the guitar by yourself you have a lot of freedom for the guitar part, as long as you respect the time signature (changing chords when you're supposed to).

If you want to play along with the record note for note I think you should try get the exact strumming. I had a quick listen to the song, the basic pattern from what I hear is:

1st bar 2nd bar
DDD UUDD DU(change) DUDD UUDD DU(change)
D# Major D#Maj7

3rd bar 4th bar
DUDD UUDD DU(change) DUDD UDUDD DU(change)
D#7 D#Maj7

Having said this, the less you think about these strums individually and understand the rythimc pattern as a whole, the easier and more fluid you will sound. You will have to really use your ear to understand the pattern I just wrote, explaining it by words is almost impossible. Try to accentuate the b string on the upstrokes when changing chords; the chromatic descending sound is important to get the feel of the song.
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Maybe im wrong but in general when i play a song most the time the strumming pattern is almost meaningless as long as i change when im suppose to.For instance this song "kiss me" ive seen done with probably 20 different patterns but seems as long as the chords are changed on time it still sounds good...Thanks for the help btw..tryin hard to learn alot