Just wondering what you guys do. I'm usually a one finger per fret type of player and try to stick close to that, but as the frets get tighter it's hard to squeeze the normal patterns above the 17th, even though my fingers are relatively long and slender. I guess using 3 fingers instead of 4 to play regular patterns is good, but then the pinky is just sitting there, why not use it.
Today Ive been trying to work out ways to play maj/minor scale using 4 notes per string, seems like a great way to do it up there and lots of licks possible this way. I think Holdsworth does a lot of 4nps stuff.
Any tips about how you play up high?

Edit: Just playing in Eminor starting at the 24th fret high E and working down 4 nps ending up on the low E string C 8th fret after 24 notes, pretty neat and easy scale to travel up and down the neck!
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If you know what I mean, I kinda dance off the strings up there without pressing that hard, works well if your tone's good. My fingers aren't that thin so I have to.

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this has always been an issue with me, it seems all crowded up there, and I can play the notes, but I can't make them sound good for the life of me, vibrato and bending just seems very difficult in the 20+ range
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But even on a 24 fret guitar there's only actually 4 notes where you NEED to go above the 20th fret, on a 22 fret guitar there's only 2, and on a 21 fret guitar there's only 1 single note
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I guess what I'm really getting at is to take advantage of the close frets rather than let them hinder you by using 4 fingers over a greater range of frets, if anyone can suggest any good patterns etc for basic scales.
I guess I kinda answered my own question messing on my guitar the last couple of hrs. With that Emin 4nps thing I've discovered dozens of great new easy licks and 4, 3, 2 string sweeps to do that have never crossed my mind before.
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^thanks for that, yeah, exactly what I was doing at the end of part 2 beginning of part 3, I came up with the exact same patterns he was doing (obviously I guess!) And as I'd figured out on my own, and he confirmed, a great way to move between patterns that are far apart. Playing up high, the stretches aren't an issue, so it works really well. Also interesting with his other tips, cheers!

it was quite a while ago I started this thread, glad I revisited!