I've recently joined a band i've been helping out for a couple years now.
Re-mixed the first track off their EP I recorded for them. Added keys and a new bassline.


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Constructive criticism is very much welcomed.
I'll also return the favor with equal criticism (if not more).
Critique for critique as always.
Thank you for taking the time to listen!
If Im going to give brutally honest feedback, the song could have some potential, but theres a few niggling things about it that dont quite work.

For that kind of song I think the bass is a bit too active, I think it could work better if you gave it a bigger sound and cut back the playing more and kept it simple, though it could just be because its pretty high in the mix.

Overall the recording is quite tinny with the drums being quite harsh on the high end, so it might be worth EQing some of that out.

The vocalist isnt bad, but it sounds like she? is struggling to sing that high and its kind of lacking any sort of emotion that would really help a ballad type song like this.

The guitar parts sound mostly fine though so good job with those, however some of the key stuff seems sort of thrown on top with no real purpose, Im not sure if it really adds anything to the song after the first 13 seconds.

Sorry if it seems overly harsh, I usually don't give feedback on here so I'm not used to it.

Vocalist has a lovely, unusual tone but as a song nothing fits together at all. The timing is really loose and makes it sound, and everything feels murky and flat with no dynamics.

It sounds like you've done your best to produce it, but the basic recordings just aren't up to scratch.

I love the weird section with the phasey guitars, by the way.
Harlot Hero,
Not sure if you played guitar on this as I know you are a very capable guitar player. The song itself is interesting, but it really needs to be tighter timing wise. I like the bass line. I think the singer has a pleasant voice, I like her singing. I assume the drums are real, I know real drums are difficult to record; I assume the audio quality could be better with some sort of drum software. I like most of the song melodies. Please review my music at this link:

The first thing I noticed is that the timing is a bit off sometimes, like when the bass and vocals come in. I don't know much about mixing, but your mix seems a bit to tight or shallow to me. I mean that it sounds like all the tracks are in the same spot. Maybe you could make it sound a bit 'bigger'. Especially for the 1:35 mark, it should be more in your face there. The recording quality of the guitar and vocals are good though.
I like the vocals, especially the 'I wish that I could be...' part. They're nice. Like celitus said the bass could maybe be turned down a bit but I don't dislike it the way it is now. Though I guess in order to give the mix a 'bigger' feel you could do like what celitus suggested.

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