Hi, I'm looking to buy a les paul junior at the end of january and i'm likely to go used.
I was wondering if there are things to look out for along the the lines of dud hardware or wear that affects tone or bad years etc?

This would be my second ever electric and I'm nervous of dropping $1000 (AUD) or so on a guitar that will fall apart or develop neck problems or something. I've been playing for 6 years and i am sure an lp jr is what i want because I've played several and loved it but am inexperienced at buying gear.
To clarify I want a gibson not an epi.

thanks for any help
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The only thing about Juniors is that the newer gloss finished ones have an Obeche fretboard and the satin finished ones have a baked maple fretboard.

Also, I've heard about the finish on satin models wearing fairly quickly, so the guitar will look older faster. It's a drawback or a plus depending on what you like haha.
It's a Les Paul Jr. Wood, pickup, strings. Not much to go wrong with it