i own a schecter c1 fr guitar, it has floyd rose bridge. recently ive been noticing that the 1st string's note after the 12th fret doesnt sound as it needs to. like the 12th fret (1st string) and 23rd fret 1st string have the same note ( while 12th and 24th need to have same notes) and the 5th fret of 2nd string and 1st string open have the same too. please i need to fix this quick, i love shredding and this problem has been kicking my ass. i dont have enough time even to take my guitar to repair shop.
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Hi, this is the wrong forum to post this.

You should post this at Electric Guitar.

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It seems the intonation of your guitar is out. Do you know how to set up a guitar? Is this your first Floyd Rose Guitar? If yes, then I recommend you take it to an experienced luthier who can help you set up your guitar to your requirements. Its nothing major, just the screws at the back of the bridge need to be readjusted, but it can be quite a task on a Floyd Rose equipped guitar.