Been playing guitar for about 4 or 5 years now. Started off playing...I don't even know what I'd call it; 'Warped Tour' music, I guess. But I then switched to acoustic and have been messing around with that for awhile. But it seems I've plateaued, especially concerning the speeds of my left and right hands.

Does anyone know of some great ways to break the duck and become a better guitar player?

(Also, sorry if this wasn't supposed to be posted here; this is my first time on the forums. After reading the FAQ it seemed appropriate to make the thread here.)
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what people call a plateau is an artificial construct, and is always capable of being broken.

when people begin doing something new, they change a method to obtain results. perhaps you want to get fit. so you change your lifestyle by incorporating more exercise and watching your diet. however, at some point, you will hit the plateau. this is because the method you are using will only get you results up to the point at which you currently have them.

playing the guitar is the same way. whatever method you've been utilizing has gotten you the results that you have thus far. maybe it's a lot, and maybe it's not. that's irrelevant -- what matters is that you have the results you have now and only the results you have now.

when you can assess the situation and discern the problem this clearly, the solution is very simple.

you must step out of your comfort zone. study material that you never would have even considered listening to three days ago.

you will find that your results will come in leaps and bounds if you can do this.l
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