I'd like it if there were some kind of notifications for people responding to you in-thread.

Like, if someone quotes you, or maybe puts "@[username]" or some similar "code".

Some times you ask a question or something and keep F5ing the thread or even going as far as searching your own username (to see if someone responded to you) and that's either a little time-consuming....or maybe a little creepy >_>

If not notifications (I think emails-PMs would be too much and maybe too much of a hassle) have a separate tab, for instance next to the "Control Panel" or "FAQ" ones that keeps track of all responses so you just go there and check it out.
This has been suggested many times before, the reason it hasn't been implemented already is because it can't be implemented on this version of vBulletin.
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Anyways you guys use vBulletin 3 then?
Does it have a license that doesn't allow you to change its source code or is it open source like phpBB for instance?

I don't think it's something that can be that "hard" to implement by yourself by modifying the original vBulletin files/scripts/etc.

The "have a tab with the 'responses' " is even easier I think since that "response tab" is basically the result of a search for your username inside quote tags or in a "@name" tag (although that may need some slight changes).