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Basically, a local radio has a challenge where if you guess the source of this sound... win a bunch of cash. So I come to the Pit for help. What the hell is this sound?
These are things that people have already guessed wrong:

An old credit card machine
An old rotary telephone
An old cassette player
An old camera flash
An old ViewMaster
An old abacus

The radio station did say though that it is something old, and that it was recorded at their office place.

Any ideas?
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It's probably the sound of you not having much of a chance of winning.
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I think it may be a typewriter.
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Either a cash register or a type writer.
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So we're supposed to figure the answer for you so you can win the money and not share it with us?

No. You get no help, my friend.
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I think it sounds like a typewriter or some sort of gun, but let's keep them coming.

Edit: that video is supposed to be a pixelated video of the actual thing that makes the sound.
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aye I was going to say typewriter or cashregister. This shit is too easy
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clocking in/clocking out machine.
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Paper slicer thingy.

Pool cue.

Knife against a solid object.

One of those punch in card things.

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Old printing calculator

like this

Specifically, it sound like them doing one press of the "paper feed" button.
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I'd recognize that sound anywhere.

It's a plastic banana machine.

You don't want to know.


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Everything everybody's already guessed all going off at once.
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clocking in/clocking out machine.
From further examination, this is exactly what it is. Makes every bit of sense.
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whoever said the clock in/ out thing might be right

Definitely is. Timecard punch machine.

or something technical sounding like that.
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You can even tell in the video he's putting his time card in and it's getting stamped (or whatever it's called).
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It's probably the sound of you not having much of a chance of winning.

It's over simplified, So what!

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