Tab zooming (scaling) does not work properly in ICS (like in Honeycomp) Galaxy Tab 10.1 ??
In earlier version zooming Tabs worked very nice (from very small to big). In ICS only little zooming possible (buying Tab tools (Autofit, fonts) don't help).
@vesarajala: try to reinstall the app on your device. In order to avoid losing all your favorites during the reinstallation, you should synchronize them with your ultimate-guitar.com account before uninstalling the app and complete the synchronization again after the app has been restored. If the problem persists, please contact us by opening support ticket http://www.ultimate-guitar.com/about/contact.htm
Quote by vesarajala
Reinstall did not help.

We continue optimizing the app for Tablet users and hope to have the improved version shortly. Meanwhile, you can try double tapping the app's screen to adjust tabs size.