Its been a crappy couple of weeks in terms of super-shit news events around the globe...

So... Merry Christmas to all of you here in MT.... I like a lot of what I read.... and I think a lot is trash too.... but Im suddenly grateful that the trash and treasure is here and posting.... yes... even the modes threads...especially the modes threads...

It is doubtful I will see any replies... I'll be enjoying time with friends and family for the next few weeks. My smart phone is only set to activate if Google News matches the string "Curiosity Rover finds chicks on Mars"

Be nice to each other! Have a safe and Merry Xmas!

Leaving you with a thought:
"Modality only exists in the exact moment where a certain combination of notes is played. The rest of the time, modality does not exist"

Chick dressed as Santa playing a guitar....
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It's the same as all other harmony. Surround yourself with skulls and candles if it helps.
points for that being a bass

less points for me instantly thinking you're an adbot from the link at the bottom.

i'm probably just trying too hard but i'm kinda bummed out by christmas this year. not that i don't usually love the holiday spirit, but something about this year in particular makes me just want to get it over with. i have work off, but more likely than not that means spending time with my family (the ones not in jail or addicted to heroin or unemployed, though that is graciously small amount) rather than getting hammered and being reclusive as much as humanly possible.

so all the people in my store being all "merry christmas" get kinda on my nerves. nothing at issue spiritually, i'm not an angry atheist anymore like when i was 15. nothing anti-consumerist. nothing anti-people, cause i'd be with friends if they didn't have families of their own. i just feel really bad about the prospect of another holiday coming and going without my life being where i want it to be yet. now i know how my parents feel

love all of you guys tho. even the ones who disagree with me (which to some extent is everybody, i hope, cause i've probably said some dumb shit on here over the last year or so). merry day off work and holiday off school or whatever you celebrate
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You win. I'm done here.
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What timezone do you live in OP? It's still the 18th here.

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Warned for trolling!

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Didn't you say that you had a stuffed fox that you would occasionally fuck?

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so all the people in my store being all "merry christmas" get kinda on my nerves.

At least you work with normal people. In my office there are no Christmas decorations, no Christmas cheer: It's just another day at work. Hell knows I'm no Christmas fan but there's something massively disappointing about there being no acknowledgement at all of the time of year - if every day's the same just how dull is that? 'Course that doesn't mean I want half-pissed lushes trying to hug me and bellowing "Merry Christmas" at me every 5 minutes - that can **** right off.

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i just feel really bad about the prospect of another holiday coming and going without my life being where i want it to be yet. now i know how my parents feel

Give it time, young man, give it time. Don't rush through your life trying to get to where you're going or you'll just end up sad and miserable: Naff as it sounds you're better off trying to enjoy the journey as much as you can. Regardless of where you end up that journey will be all you'll have left when your time's up.
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oh shut up with that /mu/ bullshit. fidget house shouldn't even be a genre, why in the world would it deserve its own subgenres you twat
i can't believe you think it's doubtful that you'll get any replies. clearly you haven't been here long enough to know that, underneath the belligerent music theory crusader, i'm a gigantic and total mush.

seriously, i love christmas. i love the christmas spirit. i'm an atheist, but who gives a flying cahoot? it's about the people to me.

i'm happy to spend a few minutes a day posting on this site, even if i have to argue.
Anfangen ist leicht, Beharren eine Kunst.
way not to say "happy holidays", you inconsiderate, racist, sexist, intolerant, well-endowed, bigoted, narrow-minded, godless heathen

why not launch more crusades and teach the rest of us to love only jesus christ
Merry Christmhannuhkwanzikah!
Understand nothing, in order to learn everything.

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