Hey guys,

I've been playing bass a while, but for the last 6 years guitar has been my primary instrument, so my bass gear knowledge hasn't been superb. I'm looking to grab an amp to gig with, since I feel like mixing things up and going back to playing bass. Currently I have a crappy 25w Belcat amp, which I never use, and my Pod HD400, which I would use, but then I'm limited by PA usage.

Basically I'm after a decent gigging amp, and there's a Randall RB120 on Perthbands for $160. I know next to nothing about these amps. As far as I know it was built in the '80s in the US. Is this a decent amp for the price? There isn't really anything in the same price range that I'd even remotely consider getting.

I'll be playing mostly alternative/rock/punk stuff I guess. At the moment I'm most likely grabbing a Cort Action DLX as an alternative to the Yamaha RBX170 I'm running now.

Cheers guys Looking forward to going deep again .
The Randall RB120 doesn't come up for sale very often, as it was not a hugely popular bass amplifier. It was a decent amp, and the few I've seen listed are in the US$150.00 to $200.00 range, so the price sounds right. Make sure it is in good shape, though. It should serve you well for the stuff you play.
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