I currently have my eyes on the ESP-LTD D-6. The only thing I'm worried about are the pick ups and a few reviews claiming it buzzes. But I think that might just be intonation problems. I saw a few Ibanez in my price range too but I've never quite liked any of the 4s I've played from them I assume the 6 isn't that different.

I'd mostly be playing Opeth and maybe finding some weird use for it in my alternative band. So any suggestions are welcome. Be it another bass or pick ups to switch into that one.


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If you don't like the 4 string Ibbys, then the 6er is not going to be a good choice. Can you give us a better idea of your budget?
About 550-600 at the moment. I plan on selling a few guitars so after that I may have more to work with. But I don't really want to spend much more on something I might only be playing at home.

Something toned more for a jazz like style would be good. I know Ibanez and ESP for metal stuff. So I don't know how well they would do for cleaner sounds.
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Guitar cables!
Now with 50% less cancer!
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Sounds like IBnz is out.

You might take another look at IB as not all of their lines are the same, like the J Bass is not the same as the P, and the Sting Ray is different also from the prior Fender designs, and I am talking just the necks.

The BTB's have Wide spacing thin necks. Most think they would be a Jazz instrument being a Boutique style offering, but I love playing anything with mine.

The Walnut and Mahogany bodies will be darker for Jazz. My 1006 Fretless is Mahogany, so it has a naturally classic tone.

For freted I am into the 405-456 Series from 6 years ago. Not really interested in the later offerings. Bolt on necks can be shimmed and action made insanely low. 35" scale is generally seen as offering greater stability to the low B string which it sounds like the ESP is failing at.

MO is that the 400 and 450 Series pretty much solidified the attributes of the 21st Century Bass, or Bass 3.0, combining significant attributes that had been previously proved in upscale instruments.

Neat thing about checking these out is that you get a quick idea of what is happening as you pursue boutique instruments.

One can find alot of inspiration without a whole lot of commitment, and get close to, if not blow out, Boutique Standards.

I sold a $5K bass and now have 4 of these. (2 I do not play because they are 5's and are my backups.)
The LTD is a good choice. The ones I've played were fine basses and the tone wasn't the thin sterile sound you often get with EMG-HZ pickups.
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