I'd like it if you were given some info/reasons when a tab of yours is rejected.

Sometimes you think your tab is all good and dandy and it's rejected and you have 0 idea why and you have to go to the "Where is my tab?" thread to ask.

Wouldn't it be better to put the reason for the rejection right next to the tab in your "contribution" part of your profile?

I don't really remember how tabs are rejected, I dunno if they are automatically rejected once 5 users reject it, or if once 5 users reject it it goes to an admin who rejects it personally.

Even if it's done automatically, why can't we be given a link to that "temporal" place where people comment on it and approve/reject it?
When people downvote it (while it's still pending) they comment there, but I've found that after it's been rejected/approved it's impossible to find that link again.

Maybe I'm just not seeing it and it can be done already