Today i picked up a Stewart Male custom made Stratocaster..... GORGEOUS



A friend of mine had a Swtewart Male custom strat that i have been gassing for the past 5years so you can imagine how stocked i was to recieve a call telling me it's up for sale, result was i couldn't get to the bank fast enough and Roberts ya uncle it's mine.......
#57 out 108 i believe before Stewart passed away
looks great! im digging the black on silver saddles. what wood is the body made of? not that i care about tonewood, just curious.
The headstock looks like birds eye maple. Is the entire neck made of that wood?

Not a bad looking guitar there man. HNGD!!!

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Don't like it, I think it's ugly, good for you.

Next time, rather than shitting on someones NGD don't post.
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