Good day!

I would like to ask if the UG site changed formats,it seems that it did because I cant properly view tabs from the site on my wifi phone(not a smartphone,just regular trusty wifi phone) unlike a week ago.

I can’t learn any new songs now since it has changed(my laptop is on repair) and the problem is,I cant afford a smartphone!

any help?the tabs are so messy but it didn’t looked like this a week ago.I’m pretty sure that I didn’t changed my phone setting.

answers and help?

what phone do you use? we upgraded the site/tab pages to support those 99.5% who use modern browsers and make their experience better and faster. unfortunately we can not support old browsers. by old browsers I mean those that existed 5 or more years ago.
I’m using a phone that is exclusively made on my country

BTW,i’m using opera as my phone browser.

Is there no any way around this?

and please excuse me for my bad english.
Well, if it doesn't work I don't think there is a workaround except for updating you mobile browser.