For sale is my Ibanez Prestige 4005e. To save giving you a wall of text, click here to see what Ibanez has to say about this bad boy.

I've owned this bass for about 6 months and it hasn't been out the house once. My intention was to start gigging with it but that hasn't come around and a new full-time job means that my bass playing has been reduced to practicing when I get the time. This is a bit of a feeler, but as I don't get as much time to play anymore and can't really justify owning such a nice bass that doesn't get out the house much, this would be better served as a wad of cash.

There is some slight 'damage' in that there is a slight blemish in the finish (from a previous owner) where it looks like somebodies fingernail has just gouged the finish slightly. I've pictured it as best as I can in the very bottom picture.

The bass has been professionally setup by Guitar Repairs Birmingham (forgot the name of the gentleman!) and has the action set really really low. As you might expect, intonation is spot on and it feels completely flawless when it comes to being played.

I do have a few sound clips here, although please bear in mind that it is a novice playing!

For this I want £700 (up until the end of 2012!) and for trades, I'd be willing to look at other similar basses, although a sale is preferred for the reasons I listed above. Included in the sale is the Ibanez SR hard case as well. If you want it delivered, that'd be at your cost so contact me for a quote. Thanks for looking, now for the bit you've all been waiting for...

Contact me via PM if interested.