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with the PROPER picking/strumming. I hate it when people only pick, it sounds boring and repetetive if you do that. Try the 2 finger picking/strumming like McCartney and it'll sound way better.
Classical Gas - Mason Williams
Maria Luisa - Julio Sagreras
Moonlight Sonata - Beethoven
I think it's a tie between "Day Old Hate" and "Save your scissors" by City and Colour.

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+1 for Classical Gas. And... OCEAN!! (by John Butler). Love playing that song. Asturias is nice too if I could ever learn to play it up to speed.
Quote by EilisMD
I'm just learning so my answer would be "Blowin' in the Wind"
Just for the sake of conversation, the range of the melody is only a 6th, (two notes short of an octave). So, most people should be able to sing the song at least over a 4 semitone key range. I think this was written during Dylan's 3 packs a day phase.

Yes'n how many smokes will a man have to smoke, before he can't find him his key......

The answer my friend is a' blowin' in the wind, (Yadda, yadda, yadda.).

On a more serious note, (pun intended), my favorite Dylan songs from that era are, "Chimes of Freedom" and, "My Back Pages".
For someone as old as I am... It's always surprising to me to hear guys mention songs I've never heard of on one hand...
And songs that were popular when I was just starting out like Classical Gas.

Personally, I'm a "roots" kind of player, and I like great jam tunes like "White Frieghtliner" and "Randall Collins".
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