Here I am playing on my seven string, but when I change to the neck pickup, it drops in volume and goes completely clean... Not too sure what the issue is, cause the advert said it had D-Activators in there, but I've not actually checked. Now they're not a low output pickup, so pups wouldn't be the problem.

So does anyone know what could be causing it? Loose wire, maybe?
loose connection from the pickup to the pot
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Some companies put a pickup in the neck position that is considerably less powerful than the bridge pickup. They think it "balances the tone," but in truth it just annoys the living shit out of those of us who buy them. Now, if your neck pickup has suddenly produced less output, then as EspTro said, it is probably a bad connection. This could be a loose wire, or too much solder creating an unwanted connection.

What kind of guitar is it?
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