I'm learning the intro solo for "Reelin in the Years" by Steely Dan and im having trouble with the first 3 notes which are pulloffs.

Is there anything specifically i can do to improve my pulloffs, or will it just take practice like anything else?
When you're pulling off make sure you do a flick motion with your fretting hand fingers; pulloffs function on the basis that you're effectively picking the string again with your fretting fingers when they leave the string.
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To reiterate what Zaphod said, when you pull off pull(hence the name) the string to the floor before you lift off.

This also works on tapping licks. When you pull off your pulling toward the floor. You'll notice tapper's fingers move elipticly. Flicking the string downward with each passing.
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Something to add here, as i know this song well is :

when performing any hammer on or pull off ensure your wrist moves with the fingers movement.

DO NOT just pull or hammer with fingers, your tendons are not made for this, let the fingers guide the wrist/hand as it were and you'll notice you have more control and the technique naturally becomes easier.

hope this helps
I remember when I was first learning pull-offs, my guitar teacher told me to pull your fingers off the strings like you were ripping them off.

Like you want to tear the flesh off your fingers - doesn't sound pleasant but it's not painful. Just make sure you are not just taking your finger off the fret, and you are actually tearing your finger off creating the sound.

Good Luck

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