Poll: Become or Guitar god or work your way up?
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Become Guitar God
26 51%
Work for it
25 49%
Voters: 51.
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Quote by Hail
then why'd you reply if you knew i was trolling lol this forum is easy

Because you are a bitch.
Quote by AlanHB
Just remember that there are no boring scales, just boring players.


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Instant Guitar Master, would allow me to dedicate more time to Opera, networking, composing and regaining theory knowledge, and would allow me to play anything I fancied. If you do guitar as a hobby, then the journey will always be more fun, however, I'm serious about making something of myself in the music industry, so, given the option, it's best to pick the option that'll make it a bit easier.
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Hard work beats natural talent anyday.

Natural talent beats hard work anyday.
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