Hello, first time posting here. I'll keep it short, have a ht-50 - has 1x8ohm, 1x16ohm, and 2x16ohm for speaker inputs. Trying to get a full stack going, so I'm looking for 2 16ohm (4x12s) to get my wall of sound. In a band that is a doom, sludge influenced type thing (samothrace, beast in the field, torche etc)

Budget? Not sure, trying to stay as low as possible. But I know buying 2 cabs isn't going to be cheap.

Genres? Doom, Sludge, Drone, slow Bb tuning. Bass heavy guitar.

New or Used? Doesn't matter, as long as it works and sounds good.

Home or Gig? Both. Play lots of house shows, and small venues.

Closest City? Omaha, Nebraska.

Current Gear? Blackstar HT-50, Marshall MG412BCF. Not the best stuff, but honestly I really like the tone I have right now. Fairly good low-end, only problem is my current cab is 8ohm, and I need 2 16's. Going to try and sell the current cab I have to put toward the new ones.

Thanks UG.
Unless you want it for looks, in my opinion one 4x12 is going to be enough. Two would be just so loud. You and Tinnitus would be best friends.

Look into Avatar cabs. Great quality cabs for a decent price. Different styles, and an assortment of tolex, grill cloth, and speakers to choose from
Hmm....Ask this is the doom thread dude as well.
this cab would be amazing http://www.musiciansfriend.com/amplifiers-effects/randall-rs125cx-2x12-1x15-speaker-cabinet but they are out of production. if you ever find one, eat it and gain its power.

hmm...bass cabs would do well. you could also make your own 2x12/1x15 cab. 2 4x12s would work as well though a 15 will really bring out teh doom

here's the doom thread link https://www.ultimate-guitar.com/forum/showthread.php?t=1569727

i'm trippin right now that nebraska has a doom/stoner scene
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Awesome, thanks guys.

Are the avatar cabs nice? I see you can get v30's in them for super cheap... and custom colors how bad ass!

Yeah, maybe 2 is over kill. My cab now just seems... kinda quiet. I dunno, I know it's dumb to compare this but my friends MIG60 through his 4x12 (a sunn cab mind you...) is super loud. I feel like my cab is just in the middle of the road, in terms of "balls". So, maybe 2 is too many...?
Avatar cabs are quality. Its a good cabinet for the price. Definitely check out the reviews.