I have a Squier strat a AE i think although not the best guitar i like the way it
plays and have started upgrading it new bridge nut tuners etc. It came to me
with a Dimarzio Fast track 2 in the bridge and mim standard pups in middle and
neck positions. My question is can it hold a full size humbucker if not what would
be a good match for the Fast track.
Thanks in advance Ryan.
I'm confused as to what your asking? Most strats can have humbuckers at the bridge and ne k if you get the right pickgaurd, you will probably want 500k pots too
Asking if i can fit a normal sized humbucker in the guitar or do i need to find something to match the fast track 2 all ready in it and also what a good match would be? Allready got the 500k pots.
Yeah you can get pickgaurds for pretty much whatever pickup configuration you want.. check out dragonfire guitars website.. they have a lot of loaded and unloaded pickgaurds to choose from
From someone who's not at all familiar with your pickup:
I'd ask whoever made it if it's the same size as a normal humbucker. If it isn't, I'd find a match or get a pick guard that will accept a normally sized humbucker.
The Fast track 2 is made by dimarzio and is a single coil sized humbucker im looking at wanting a good match for the neck as the fast track is in the bridge or wondering if i can
put a normal humbucker in the bridge and move the fast track to the neck position. Dont know
how to tell if my squier can hold a normal sized humbucker.
Simply remove the pickguard and check if it's routed for single coils, HSH, or even HHH, aka swimming pool routing. If it has the space for a humbucker, then you can simply get a new pickguard, or cut your current one to fit a humbucker in it.
Thanks for the info guys first strat style guitar so i know nothing about them really i am a les paul or humbucker equiped player the info has been very useful.