Its white, and thin...its not the famous ones like paul mccartney uses or the hollow one..or even semi...ive searched everywhere ..i coudnt find it...pls help..B) Thanks
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Needing a picture really. Or a description of the actual shape of the guitar.
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(Invalid img)

thanks for your help...im doin a paint job and fixing it up..B)
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do you know any specific model/name?
and do you know where to get a whammy bar for it?
its very old..its missing some parts..thanks B)
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Is it the Hofner Galaxie?

Your typing makes it seem like life and death.

Look on eBay. Contact the company directly, they'll answer your questions, take a better picture too. Use the Internet.
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If you don't have the correct bridge I would wait before I painted it. Maybe fill the hole and put a more traditional trem or hard tail bridge on it or buy/make a new body. Maybe you'll get lucky (and I hope you do) but those weird parts are sometimes hard to find and if you do find them usually they're not cheap.

Best of luck!
i dont think its a galaxie...sorry for the emo subject

i actually have all the parts, i just took it apart.i just wanted to see if i could just get a

whammy,i still have the orginal bridge

sorry about the pics. i just used a webcam

im planning to spray white first then swirl it with black and gold
by the way,could you swirl without borax?

thanks everyone!! B)