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I feel dumb asking this, since I've been playing on and off for so long, but here goes.
I have an Ibanez RG120 and an Ibanez Musician MC250. Both nice guitars, both won't stay in tune. I know eventually strings go dead and need replaced, but the strings on my Musician are fairly new and even if they weren't then there's the factor of putting on new strings and waiting three years for them to stop stretching and remain in tune longer than a semitone before starting to slide out of tune after four bars of "Pariseienne walkways".

What strings do you use? What have you done to make your axe stay in tune? etc.
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Since when do you have to wait 3 years for strings to stop stretching? That's just plain stupid.

Stretch the strings with your hands before putting them on the guitar. Then after a couple hours of playing (at most) the strings should be good for a while.
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Restring your guitar properly. There's a thread on this in EG so go look at that.

Also *reported* for not being a technique issue.
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3 years wtf?

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1. Make sure every screw on the guitar is tight, especially those that hold the neck and the tuners.
2. Lubricate the nut and maybe the saddles.
3. Restring your guitar properly and stretch the strings by hand after restringing.
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Quote by Junior#1
Since when do you have to wait 3 years for strings to stop stretching? That's just plain stupid.

That's a bit uncalled for.

Strings do not take 3 years to stretch. At max usually a few days (depending on the brand, type of string and how heavy you play) when you restring your guitar make sure you kind of lift each string with a finger to help it stretch. Also tune your guitar twice. As the strings stretch they put more tension on the neck which in turn knocks the other strings out of tune. So tuning twice alleviates that issue.

As far as keeping a guitar in tune make sure you have properly set up guitar. You would be surprised how far a proper set up will take you.

The way i keep my guitars and basses in tune is:
1) Have a proper set up including intonation
2) Use a bit of graphite in the string slots at the nut (Pencil lead will work perfectly since it's graphite) this allows less friction as the strings move through the slot.
3) Make sure the guitar is strung properly.
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