Which German bands do you know?

...and please share your opinion about them too ;-)
die arzte - great punk band, as i'm not from germany or austria or switzerland, i'm not that great in german, but still their songs are not lyrically complicated and i can understand most of them. as to the music, nothing too hard, but effective. my reccomendations - rock n roll real schule (their acoustic album). song favourites - manchmal haben frauen and schrei nach liebe

die toten hosen - i know a few songs only, but i see them as fun punk band (maybe i'm wrong)

as for artists - herbert gronemeyer is ok, but i think there are lot of artists like him in every country

that's it
Can, Neu, Kraftwerk, Faust. Haven't listened to all of them that much but I believe they are all labeled krautrock of some kind. Interesting stuff, pretty different from anything I've heard before.
Rammstein, Heaven Shall Burn, Necromance, Accept, Angel Dust and Blind Guardian. I'm not big into German bands but I listen to these some of the time. The only one I listen to a lot is Blind Guardian. I didn't even know they existed until 6-7 months ago. I was at Hellfest and talking to some Swedish people about all things music and they recommended Blind Guardian and I must say I'm glad they did. The old school thrash meets folk metal sound blew me away big time
Blackmail - Alternative Rock with Psychedelic Rock influences
Guano Apes - 90's Crossover band with female vocals
Söhne Mannheims - german language soul

German language bands, for the most part, really suck. Some German Hip-Hop artists (like die Fantastischen Vier) are good, if you are into fun-rap. Most of the "rock" that becomes popular here is more or less some kind of (Indie-)Pop/Rock that no one really needs to hear. We got an obscene amount of metal bands, belonging to all kinds of sub-styles, though.

And of course no one should ever forget the Scorpions when talking about German bands.