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Hey guys!

I made this cover real quick today. It's certainly not complicated but it's a nice song and it's fun to play!

Let me know what you think, and don't forget to leave me something to check out!
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Hey man, nice video. Never heard the song before, but I couldn't see anything wrong with your playing. Nice tone also! Keep it up!

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Any feedback is greatly appreciated

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Sorry for the late reply! I've been busy!

Anyway, I do like to listen to some RHCP so it was very nice to listen to your cover. Your technique and tone are spot on. There's some tricky funky stuff in there that you pulled off nicely. Only thing that I'd say is that it'd be nice to see the whole thing done in one take, but you'd have to use a switch pedal or something to change your amp settings.

Sweet cover though, I enjoyed it!