Looking to sell or trade these two pedals, a Boss Distortion DS-1 Keeley modded ultra/all seeing eye. And a Boss Overdrive/Distortion OS-2 with C6 mod. Both sound great. Lots of great rock and metal distortion here, I'm just looking for more mellow stuff.

Looking for some different stuff, a nice clean/warm boost pedal, EH Q envelope filter, nice reverb or tremolo maybe. Pink floyd or Jimi hendrix oriented stuff (not a fuzz though, unless its a dunlop jimi hendrix fuzz face)

let me know what you have or if you're interested in buying. Taking offers on selling them, shipping is a factor though, and if we trade I need a reference of some sort, ebay user rating works. mine is 100% and I can provide a link as proof.

Pics upon request, hit me up.
PRS Semi-Hollow Custom SE

Peavey Ranger 2x12 Twin Killer

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