Hey guys, I found a guitar for sale in Thailand that looks interesting. It's a Gibson Les Paul Custom, sunburst with gold hardware, it says it's made in the USA with serial number 017160739. It's in quite good condition and asked the guy how old it was but he doesn't know so I'm not sure if it's anything special, I thought if I wrote down the serial number I might find some info, but the Gibson serial code system is pretty confusing. Please someone help me identify this and put a value on it, he said make an offer! Thanks in advance!

The first and fifth numbers in the serial number indicate the guitar's year. According to that number, the guitar is from 2006.
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Thanks for that, I didn't think to take pictures! Would you know the value range of a 2006 model though? It's not the flat body type, it has the contoured surface to the body...
The value really depends on the condition of the guitar.

Ebay would be a good bet so you can judge the examples they have on there against the one you have seen.
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