"Here it is, the long over-due guitar play through of Weaver. Sweaty hands and a food baby don't constitute a good play through but I said I'd do this months ago and it'll give you an idea. Hope everybody has had a good Christmas, we'll be back in the new year with some new songs and (hopefully) some new members!"

Thanks in advance to anybody who checks the video/us out! Further links to free music in my sig.

FFO: The Black Dahlia Murder, Viatrophy, Veil of Maya...

Edit: Oh, you can embed youtube now? That's new!
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So you guys are here as well?
Always loved your riffs, man. I'd love to see some tabs!

Check out the Visio Mortis thread on here, man!

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Glad you enjoyed it man, should have a new song up towards the end of this month. Keen to see how people react to it!

It's just me on here, the other guys don't get into forums much. Will check that out man, cheers.

Edit: I've actually already checked out your EP, totally forgot. Really enjoyed it!
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