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Are these strings pretty good? Which would be better? Yamaha FG730s
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Yeah, the D'Addario Phosphor bronze lights are an excellent set.

You could also try the coated version, "EXP-16". They last quite a bit longer.

If you'd like to have a bit brighter, more "stinging" kind of sound, you could try D'Addario 80/20 "Brass" strings. In the same gauge. Those part numbers would be: EJ-11, and EXP-11.

It's worth experimenting a bit until you find "your sound".

"Acoustic light gauge", (.012 - .053) are pretty much to go to set for the average player. They represent a good compromise between good bass and projection, and ease of play.
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they're my favorites for the fg730.
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Yes, I use them on my Takamine. I play 2/3 times a week and they easily last me about 3 months or more, and they're good enough to keep as spares. They sound really good, bright but with a good bass too. Use them for flat-picking or finger-picking and would happily recommend them.
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Good strings, I use them on my yamaha too.
I agree with the Captain though, experiment with different strings until you find the ones you like. Have fun.
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Decent strings. Probably my string of choice if I couldn't choose coated strings.