Holy s--- man, thisis amazing! Often the rythms sound almost offbeat, wich is extremely cool and i have never heard anything quite like it. I loved the sweeping secton too. Sorry, but i cant really think of any improvements now. Merry xmas!
Good job on making such a great song!
Now to the critique...
At 0:36 there is a tempo change. It's in my opinion a bit too sudden, but that's just me. Also the main solo theme idea which also starts at 0:36 sounds nice, but gets a little bit boring over time when it's repeated alot through the song. The sweeping was technically good, but didn't really sound good to me musically. I wouldn't mind a section where the drums didn't take part, or at least a smaller one. In an instrumental like this I think a calmer part somwhere in the middle would be good for the song.
Something you absolutely must try out is to do harmonized parts with two (or more) guitars to create more variation in the song.
The solo at 2:28 however was really sweet or "maravilloso" if I can use my bad Spanish.
The overall sound on the song is quite good, and not much I can point out that can be improved.
Judging from your genre and the fact you live in Santiago, does the name Jarle H. Olsen sound familiar to you? Just a question.
Keep on making music!

Would you please give som critique on my song? https://www.ultimate-guitar.com/forum/showthread.php?t=1579524
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Mix wise, I would lower the cymbals a and the keys a little and let the guitar poke out a little more. Great playing the whole way through. Main theme did get a little repetitive, maybe try doing more of a variation of it throughout. Once again great job dude, those were just a few small Things I picked up on. And thanks for the comment on my song as well!
Thanks for the feedback! I will comment on your track as I listen to it

Really liking this so far, the keyboard stuff is really cool This intro solo is pretty good as well, I love the weird little bends that you're doing at around 0:50. They give the solo a lot of emotion. The sweeping at 1:40 is mental lol. I like how you transitioned back into the intro solo too, and the changes you made to it were pretty cool. Then your playing at 3:30 ish is just... insane lol. I have no idea how you play that fast but Jesus Christ, that's mental. The keyboard coming in to finish the song was a nice touch too.

Only thing that bothered me was the weird tempo changes that you did, but maybe that's just because I don't listen to music where that happens often.

Awesome job dude! It's technically spot on and the production is excellent!
Very well made. The Tempo change on 3:35-6 was nice but the snare drum kind of put it off a bit. It was great rhythm wise, but tonally it was a little bland. Nice melodies all round. And as said before, the cymbals tend to be very strong at some parts, but no biggie, something most people would just ignore. Great song overall.

If you could, just check out my first take at recording.
And leave whatever critizism you have below it
Thank you.
Dude... that was incredible. The only thing I could say is the cymbals are a bit too loud in the mix.... otherwise, that's sooooo cool!

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Hard to come up with anything. Very tight - very nice!

Being very picky - too much cymbals.

It's definitely Premiera!

This was amazing. I especially liked the piano bit in the end section, that was a nice touch. Like the others said, perhaps a little less cymbals, and I might bring up the rhythm guitar a tad, but I always mix my rhythm guitars too loud, so that may be an issue of personal taste on my end - Fantastic song man, and great playing!
Very well done. I like the haunting feeling. The mix is also very good. Do you plan adding vocals?