Hello everyone! My name is Magnivore519, but you can call me Magnivore for short. Or Mag. Long-time user of the 'tabs' section, didn't discover the forums until years later, seldom visited, asked Freepower for help once and he helped so I thank him for that.

Story time. Might want some popcorn for this, though I'll try to keep it short. I started proper singing training almost a year ago (sometime this January). By proper I mean with technique and not just trying. Eric Arceneaux has basically been my teacher for the whole process. His warm-ups and lessons are great and I haven't been hurting at all (aside from the initial callus-forming part). Had some segments of time when I couldn't practice due to no free time, so it's been on an off since about March. About to have about 8 months of extra time which will be fantastic for getting my singing voice back into shape.

This is where my questions start to come in. For the record, I'm trying to get my range higher as well as learn how to scream. My highs have gotten much higher and I've done pretty well so far, but just saying that's my goal. I'm going to try to explain how things are going inside my throat while singing because my vocabulary on the subject is severely lacking so I apologize in advance.

1: When singing, should you block air coming out of your nose or not? It seems to act as an exhaust like for a vehicle, and I can't tell much difference between blocking air and not. I think I sound slightly nasally when not blocking the air, but I'm not sure. Is there any benefit to one over the other?

2: I know about singing from the diaphragm, but I'm not sure how to tell if I'm doing it right. I breath properly prior and during singing but I'm still unaware. Is there a way to tell?

3: When I'm singing, it seems like I have a tendency to try to sound like the artist whom I'm listening to. I know you aren't suppose to try to sound like others and find your own voice and all that, but I don't try to change my voice so I sound like them but rather I'm copying their style; the difference being that when learning to scream, for instance, I try to copy Breaking Benjamin's or or Bullet for my Valentine's style of it, not to have my voice sound their their voice. Is this habit normal? The problem really arises when I am singing up higher. I can sing decently high (I think) but then when some song comes up where there's an added style to it (take Lost In You by Three Days Grace for instance) I seem to want to try to add that timbre to my voice. In some songs I can and I'm fine, but often it seems like that trying to sing with the added style hinders getting to the proper pitch. Maybe it's a new-comers thing?

I'm sure I'll have more questions over time, but for now I would love some more educated answers rather than just me trying to logic my way through it. I appreciate you all for taking the time to read this and for putting up with my current and future inquiries!

And of course, Merry Christmas!
Hi Mag! I notice your thread is being neglected so I'll try to help you out.
First of all, I strongly recommend finding a teacher for screaming, that's one of those areas that if you don't do it correctly you can seriously mess up your voice. Make sure it's a teacher who specializes in screaming. Now for your questions.

1. I... don't know. It's not something that I've ever thought about or heard mentioned that I can recall. I would think that you wouldn't want your nose blocked though.

2. One trick I've heard about was to poke at your stomach while singing, especially during sustained notes. If your pitch changes/wobbles then you are supporting from the diaphragm.

3. Happens to all of us. It's part of how we find our own style. If style is interfering with pitch then you need to take a step back and run scales and focus on the pitch (and tone). I say scales because if you go back to the song you'll likely keep on trying to get the style out of habit, but scales are a nice stylistically neutral way of working your voice.
If you head to the top of the forum, theres a sticky dedicated soley on teaching you how to scream the proper ways (which ever technique you choose). We know our stuff there, and most of the time we won't give you wrong information, unless we beleive it to be right. We usually correct ourselves though.

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@dorablesings Thank you, that's pretty helpful. What I mean by the nose blocking thing is, I guess, trying to make it sound less nasally, as if talking like you had a stuffed nose as compared to not.

@Scowmoo I know I've looked around there, but it's not really the 'how' of screaming that I need but rather the time with it. I've been talking with a friend of mine about it, and turns out the hurdles that I'm running into are normal and happen to everyone (like me not being able to fry as well as Bullet can but turns out the 'grittiness' comes with just doing it for a long period of time, etc.) I will check there though if I'm unclear about anything, though thus far I haven't been.

My only problem with learning was that I tried to learn from the Zen of Screaming. Nothing against Melissa or anything, but the only thing I learned from those two DVDs was making the squeaky door noise mentioned on the second volume. From there I took off on my own. Not sure if there was more I was suppose to have gotten from them, but I didn't. Oh, some breathing exercises which I use, but for screaming, nothing. I just started to try to make myself sound like others, and now here I am.