This is a live video of our set closer, last summer at an outdoor festival.
We played early in the day but they're having us back next year, likely with a later set (larger crowd, stage lights)

We made the front page of the local paper last time so we want to wow this town 10 times over next time.

Looking for opinions on Performance, Stage Presence/Appeal, Song Writing, anything else.

And I would also like to hear if you think promoting this video through various means would be an effective way to catch people's attention, would you be proud to have a video like this be a first impression to potential fans?

What would you do different?
Okay, since I think you're really looking for input, I'm going to point out your largest problem, your song has little to no structure, it takes to long to get anywhere at the beginning, people will listen to you for about thirty seconds and if nothing happens in that time, they'll just pass you by, next, you start slow, go to a chorus, then something else, then solos, then a chorus, stop the song start again but slow, do it quite then solo again, how many major singles do that answer None, its all structured intro,verse, pre-chorus (optional), chorus, transition, verse, pre-chorus, chorus, bridge, chorus, out. This is true everywhere from Metallica to Beyonce and as such is probably the only thing you shouldn't mess too much with, it gives people a good frame.

Promote the video to your friends/acquaintances, but I think on the internet you'll mostly be written off, the video is good quality, and the sound is good, but people you don't know are much harder to impress

Most of its good, the quality is good, your playing was fine, your stage presence seemed okay (it's hard to tell from a video, especially with a small crowd), the only thing I would do if I were you is put the music into a standard song form so people who weren't involved in making the song can follow it

Also, people usually focus on what the differences are between styles of music, but I think quite often what is more helpful is to take too highly successful groups on polar opposite ends of the music spectrum, and find what's the same
Performance wise - you guys were on point.
Stage Presence - you're going to stick out like a sore thumb on a stage that big if you're not owning it. I understand the singer being glued to the mic, because he's got to spend most of his time planted, but the other guitar player and bass player could be interacting and making up for that. The bass player seemed like he was trying. I'd also say...don't take your clothes off if you aren't in shape.
singing sounds a little out at times, lots of mumbling that doesn't sound necessarily intentional. between that and the awkwardly shirtless guitarist, it kills it, but i'd watch the bassist and drummer all day
modes are a social construct
I like'd the song. I agree with some points above that you need to get "into" the music quicker. Slow build ups and such are fine for maybe intros to a cd or something, but live, not so much, you can lose a passer by really quickly if nothing much is going on.

Also, maybe it's just me, but that snare...omfg I want to burn it, it's so F'ing annoying.

Good luck this year!
Get the guitarist to put a shirt on. Unless you are Matt Pike having no shirt and a beer belly doesn't work.

The bass player is really good and the singer and drummer are above average for stage presence.
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Agreed with the other points, on an album the buildups would probably fit more than being done live. I sometimes felt like skipping ahead back to where things were "loud". Bassist has great presence, backing vocals are sometimes slightly off but good placement/effect. Good luck