Yo, I just finished up my latest album The Insecure Youth. I spent the last three months or so working on it and I think its came out decently. A lot of it is experimental ambient-ish stuff but a tad indie-rock, depressing stuff too, yeah know? Its almost all instrumental if you're into that stuff. But yeah, give the album a listen, tell me how you like it, download it even if you hate it etc and i'll critic something of yours back.

It's definitely interesting. I really liked An Error and Oh No. Those song would have been great with good vocals. Most of the track in my opinion didn't really feel full enough. And once again, my opinion, but I felt like a ton of the tracks were sort of filler tracks. But anyways, you have some nice stuff going on. Nice job!
Hey man, thanks for the crit! Sorry for taking so long to get back with you, I forgot to keep checking for replies. Anyway, "Road to Roads" is probably my favorite of the bunch, definitely sounds like sad walking music. "An Error" is also interesting, but feels like it could use vocals or something to change things up in a few spots. "Isolation" has a really nice piano line, and the mid section is quite pretty. Towards the end it seems to lose focus a little, but overall it's great. What did you use for the cool backwards guitar noises? Anyway, I'd listen to the whole album if it weren't already way too late for me to be awake, haha. But after hearing a few of them, I really like the sound. Some of the songs lose focus in a couple places, but overall they do an excellent job of conveying moods and emotions, and that's great. Also, while I was typing up this wall of text, "Oh no" started playing, and this one actually may be my favorite. The dirty echo lead guitar sounds awesome. Good work! I may actually download a couple of these.
Thanks a lot for the kind words. All the cool backwards guitar noises is just me playing stuff and then using the reverse feature in Reaper to reverse whatever I played. A few times I made riffs and just decided that they sounded better when reversed and whatnot. Thanks for the criticism again.
I listened to a few of the songs,Road to roads, run away and isolation,
I really enjoyed them, they sound very unique and interesting, my favourite was probably run away
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hey man your shit is beast shit, in the best way possible

i was gonna stop getting high, and your music gives me the will to keep going so muchos muchos props on that xD and, if you really mean free when it says free download, kudos to your future grandkids for having a cool gramps that lets me download his stuff

aside from that, if i get famous and you get famous, we should totally play together :P

edit: if you'd listen to either one of these, i'd appreciate hearing your thoughts


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Ahhh the sound of ambience stuff love it
Have u ever heard of Cerulearn Crayons I think u would love them.
Dunno what to say about the sounds since I feel like the genre is a place where u can do so many things but then again not my favorites are road to roads and isolation really like the guitar melody in those two.
Anyways Loved the sounds and have downloaded the album for a later listening as it will mix perfectly in with my Crayons playlist

Any chance u would comment on my track?