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So a while ago I was playing team fortress 2 where on some servers you could pick a radio station to listen while playing. I always went with the so called "bar rockin blues" because it had much feeling. So I stopped playing, but I miss the music, so could anyone list some bands/artists who play this upbeat groovy/bluesy thing?
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I think upbeat groovy blues has to be the most populated kind of music in the world.. you've heard of the rolling stones, aerosmith, creedence clearwater revival, led zeppelin?
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More garagey, but The Mooney-Suzuki are pretty rad.
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I'm assuming this so called "bar rockin' blues" is something along the lines of George Thorogood.

Was this all music composed for the game or was there a playlist of previously written and recorded tracks?
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Why not just stream the station over the internet without the game?

Bar Rockin Blues

They also show recently played tracks so you can find out who exactly it is you're listening to.
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Well that answers my question.


EDIT: I'm listening to the station now and George Thorogood is on. I was right!
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