This is really just a feeler to see if it generates any interest, but I've decided to sell my beloved Ibanez S5470 BW RVF. This was bought in Kurosawa music, Japan, back in 2008. I was told that only 54 of this finish were ever made and that the model was exclusively for Japan. Very few ever made it to the UK. These things were going for about £1500 (including shipping etc.) at the time.

It has an absolutely stunning burled walnut top, with a viking red finish: An incredibly rare guitar, that's almost impossible to find these days. A quick internet search should give you all the necessary information.

It has been played in the past, but not recently (professionally set up by GuitarAid in London last year) and as a result has a few cosmetic imperfections which I've tried to highlight in the photos (there are also some glossier ones in my profile). Some nicks to the front and some buckle rush to the back. Nothing that's easily visible.

It comes with the bulletproof Ibanez hardcase as well as with a gig bag and I will include the necessary wrenches etc.

This will be put up on the bay at some point but wanted to see if there were any offers first. Not really looking for trades but PM me with offers. Unfortunately I'm not too keen on shipping out of the UK unless you can persuade me otherwise.
Can't tell where the guitar ends and the case begins in that first picture! GLWS!
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