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So im 20, I've played in bands when I was younger and played to very small crowds. Since then Ive really been doing my own thing and I have a few really nice sounding songs. Tonight I played at an open jam at this restaraunt i used to work at; before hand I was thinking how much I want to learn someting if I were to do this performance tonight. I did two solo acts on my acoustic, they sounded nice, I knew what I was playing. So I wrapped it up and once it was over I was happy that I didnt really mess up, BUT I did analyze it and the thing I learned that is crucial is that you have to connect with the audience and play off of them. I was playing my own tunes that I've played over and over. I was playing what sounded right to me, not really what the audience probably was feeling or wanted to hear. But this is just one night that will be forgotten by all except me and I've taken something from it so I'm HAPPY!
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If its your first act. When play chords stick to ones you know you can play easy. And when soloing stick to the pentatonic Minor or Major scale.