Filsufatia was formed as a one man bedroom band back in 2005. In its infancy, the band started out playing symphonic melancholic black metal before changing its direction towards Depressive Black Metal in 2009 (because I was introduced to bands in the likes of Leviathan, Xasthur, Happy Days and ColdWorld).

Being a band in a country where everything metal, especially black metal, are dealt with a very small level of tolerance by both the judgmental society and the ever prejudicial government, Filsufatia managed to find ways to release demos after demos from 2005 until now, with one new demo per year.

The band never had any chance to sign with anybody because nobody wanted to sign the band anyway, all the demos were self released as digital downloads and often for free (google the band, youll find some music blogs providing free downloads of these demos).

Well, to be honest, I registered as a member of the forum because I was interested with the logo designing thread you got up there. Thinking of doing/helping the thread with some designs of my own. But since you can promote your band here, I might as well do that too (its my band).

If you like to know more about Filsufatia, kindly visit:


Or listen to their song:

Filsufatia - The Grand Eulogy (Welcome Home)

Filsufatia - Laverne (A Million Miles Nowhere)

Or via Reverbnation:


Or you can always just post a question here, if you are interested.
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Ohws.. a couple of days ago, we have just released a split digital release with a band called Twilight Fauna.. You can download the release for free.. this release is basically for the fans of experimental atmospheric melancholic music.. download at your own risk.


ok.. back to designing logos.
Listened to your stuff. "Through the Deep" is a great track. Awesome atmosphere you have going in it and I like the raw sound. I am from South Africa, but currently living in Thailand, so not too far from Malaysia! I was there in April and couldn't find much Black Metal related shops/merch. However, I do believe that it should remain hard to find. Black Metal should stay underground and never become commercialized. We spread our hate through the underground .

I also have a one man Black Metal project, check it out if you wish! I've never been signed either and everything is self released, which is a little time consuming but where's there's a will, there's a way. I also see you do logo designs, if you ever want to have a go at "Throne Below" - it will be deeply appreciated. The details are in the Logo thread.

I have "liked" your facebook page.

Hail one man black metal!