I have no idea how the overall song is meant to sound as the song switches between regular 4/4 and triplets too much. It sounds like 'swedish death metal', the somewhat melodic but not quite sound thats between old school death metal and mid 90's melodeath.

Riff at bar 60 does your username justice.

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I got rather fed up of that slide slide slow triplet riff before it was actually finished. It needs SOMETHING, vocals, drumbeat, whatever just to lessen the repetition.
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well what I mean is that none of it sounds dissonant or creepy really kind of like dismember is definitely death metal but songs like misanthropic or of fire or whatever are pretty melodic, unless i just hear things as normal when others hear them as creepy or if i am desensitized to brutality idk. and I can't program drums i can think of them but writing them down in guitar pro is like uhhhh... since I don't play drums or have a drum set I don't really know what is what...but do you have some criticism on the actual riffs like some place where it flows badly or some bad riffs you don't like?
Thanks for the crit!

I didn't like it til' the 15th bar, rest was good, especially between 60-65. I think a powerful, raw breakdown would do better instead of repeating 23-30. Playing once as it is now and then the melody on guitar one, breakdown on the second. But that's just my taste. With killer drums and this can be a pretty heavy and energetic song.
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