What's the best way to learn to play? I know some of the basics and I know that obviously a lot of practice is necessary but what is the best way to make sure I am practicing the right techniques? I don't wanna take lessons.
check out justinguitar.com. there are some outstanding lessons there. also here on Ug there are some good lessons. i recommend finding 1 site and sticking with just that one for lessons. imagine having 4 different teachers trying to teach with different methods!
i sometimes cheat and find the tabs i want to learn here on UG and watch a video on youtube on how to play it at the same time. its a shortcut but it works well for me.
i cannot emphasize enough about the importance of learning scales. start off with some basic ones and work up. great exercise for finger stretching and fretting. also helps train your ear for individual notes. i often find myself "hearing" a song within my scales practice and think to myself...hmmm... thats how it goes. after all, what is a song? .... individual notes set within a certain scale.I should practice what i preach and do my scales more often... but this is a doasisaynotasido sorta response.
ok thanks... Before I would mostly look up chords and learn them and try to learn songs.. I pretty much gave up after I couldn't do anymore without playing barre chords.. They are the worst thing ever.
just pick one lesson at a time. if you know most chords, choose Justin's 1 minute technique. it'll have you changing chords quickly. just picking 2 chords and changing between them. it's an immense help! and yes... bar chords suck at first. it took me a while to get them down but, now i can hit all 6 strings clearly on a bar( considering that my index finger has been broken countless times and looks like a cobblestone road and my thumb doesn't bend as it's missing a strip of thumb from my nail to my wrist about a 1/2 in. wide.. hard to put pressure on the neck - see, if i can do it, anyone can)
Hi all what is the best website to start to learn chords from i am a total novice and have just bought a jose ferrer guitar so any help and assistance is appreciated