I'm a vocalist with decent recording equipment looking to form an online project. As far as my vocal skills go I'm better at lows/growls and pig squeals/cricket vox/predator vox lolol, still perfecting them highs. As for the project itself, the style/genre is open to discussion with any interested. Preferably something along the lines of death metal, technical death metal, melodic death metal, brutal death metal, grindcore, deathcore or anything similar or combination of them. So being only a vocalist I'm looking for a guitarist/bassist and drummer or programmer.

So yeah, thanks in advance to anyone who takes interest! lml

Contacts (I respond faster to these but leave a reply here too)
msn: zoilusztpwp@hotmail.com
skype: dxfan9991
main email: zoilusztpwp@yahoo.com
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