Tell Me How / Rad Label
Wake up we are slowly fading.
Why can't you hear me now?
Our journey will come to its ending,
Why can't you tell me how?

Shut up I think they can hear you,
You don't wanna lose your life.
Loud voices coming from no-where,
The sound of a cutting knife.

As the sky will fall apart,
We'll be bound to see the truth.
Can't you hear?
The time will come.

Fire up just let'em see you
And then run from their light.
The ground is burning under
But you won't stop to fight.

Stars are swimming in the space,
Stones are flying in a race,
It's been a while since I've seen your face.

As the sky will fall apart,
We'll be bound to see the truth.
Can't you hear?
The time will come.
What do you think about these lyrics?

(You can also hear the song by Rad Label on Youtube http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=zzzWrgdQpkQ)
I really like the song a lot. Great work. I'd like to see this in concert.

That said, I don't really love the lyrics. I like the music. I think the melody over chords work great, good change to chorus, good instrumental towards end, great emotion, great singing. But I think the lyrics are a bit abstract for me, do not really tell a story that resonates with me, but the same could be said of songs by other bands that I like, from Bush to Nirvana to New Order, so I'm not telling you to change it for me, but that is my only qualification.

Anyway, from the lyrics, I'm sort of picturing the whole story is set from the point of view of some futuristic battle, which at some point involves some one playing a decoy to lure the bad guys somewhere, and again which has an anticipated final battle scene that will involve destruction from above and some kind of revelation. As you can see, I'm struggling to figure it out, and probably off the mark, which is why I find trouble connecting more with the lyrics. This is a danger when you choose to be more abstract with lyrics, but I guess it's an artistic choice.

The fact the singer is asking the "you" persona why this "you" persona cannot tell him how things will end, makes me wonder who this "you" person is, like it's supposed to be some one with greater knowledge or access to knowledge? A parent figure? An authoritarian figure? The older generation? God? Elsewhere, the singer talks letting em see "you" which is where I got the idea some one is luring the bad guys out. But is this the same "you" that the singer is asking about how things will come to an end? Like they are colleages / friends in arms? If so, why would this person have greater knowledge how things will end?

As you can see, I can go on nitpicking places where, for myself, the lyrics seem a bit disjointed, and I just don't get a cohesive story out of them. But, again, that may not stop it being a hit or whatever. I overthink things anyway.

At first the lyrics didn't make sense, but I really like the song. It's different and catchy. Great