Alrighty-o, hey guys! I'm kinda new here, but I was wondering if anyone would be willing to critique my singing? I've linked a soundcloud of me singing a rough rendition of Cee Lo Green's Forget You. I guess I should give a bit of info on myself? Seems like that's what most people seem to do >.<

I'm only 16, and I started singing on my own a couple months ago (I was a pretty heavy guitarist). I've gotten interested in doing some youtube covers, so I wanted to see what other people thought of my singing. I'm very self conscious (I had to google that to make sure :P) so I wanted to be extra sure that I had the skillset to get started. I also want to know how to improve my singing, and being a noob that I am, I would need to know what I am doing wrong in the first place. I know some parts of this file sound a little off but bear with me :P

Your advice is greatly appreciated

- pacmanguitarist

I'm not really a singer so I can't really give out technical advice, nor is this particularly my favorite style, but sounds pretty good. There are a few parts where you get a little out of tune, but you probably know that. Pretty good with that falsetto part too, nice job.
Better than most, easily.

Your voice cracks in spots, but this is likely due to the fact that you're new to singing. Make sure you're breathing properly as you tend to lose tone at the end of lines.

Out of tune in parts but let's face it, you know that and you'll find it easier when you're more experienced.

Tone wise your voice is really nice, particularly your high notes and falsetto. Keep at it.
You have a nice clean tone that works for that style. But like whats been said you have inconsistencies. Also your voice isn't very strong just yet. But still good for a beginner, you have a good natural voice but you'll need to put some work in to eliminate the kinks.

Proper breathe support will really work to get rid of the pitchyness and stuff. You also have whats called vocal 'breaks' which is common for a untrained singer, their basicaly weak points in your voice when you are singing inbetween vocal registers(chest voice, head voice, mix voice,) usually happens on high notes . I always suggest singing lessons with a vocal coach, thats your best option to improve the fastest. I also think a singing program called Singing Success would work very well with your vocal style, as that program is more geared toward that Pop Rock sound, and will get rid of your vocal breaks and pitchyness. But again, a singing coach is your best bet for the money.
Thanks guys! This not only gave me a huge boost in confidence, but also encouraged me to plan to take some singing lessons in the very near future For these next few weeks though, I shall take your advice and work on breathe control and vocal breaks on good ol'youtube :P

Thanks for the advice!

- pacmanguitarist
Awesome man. You have a great base to work off of. In the meantime you should do Lip roll exercises. Their great for getting a consistent tone throughout your range, and for improving your airflow/breathe control, which l think you should tackle first after learning to sing with your diaphragm, as breathing is most important. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=KegNprwLOmw is a great video on lip rolls. Their pretty weird sounding and you might get some weird looks if you do in front of people lol, it also makes a good vocal warm up before you sing. And this is a great diaphragm breathing series to learn from http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-SeSL9WdVBo.

I think every beginner should learn these two fundamental singing properties.
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