Hi there, all you UG OG's.
Have been browsing round the forums for a few months and today i decided to create an account. as this is my first thread, im sorry for all the mistakes that may have been made.
So back on topic now.. as the title mentions i have thought a little about splitting my pickups and i have no clue how its done, so guitar modders, share your magic!
if by splitting you mean modding 2wire humbucking pickups to have coil splitting function, then here's how i do it!

first of all, take the pickup out of the guitar, then take the tape off the coils,
2nd, (this depends entirely on the pickup brand) identify all the connections in the pickup,
what you see and look for, is first where the lead wire goes to, usualy a hole in the pickup plate, then there should be a few smaller wires connecting the coils to it, and to each other.

you need to find the wire that connects the coils, in the case of BC Rich humbuckers it's very simple, the 2 wire lead comes in, then has a Red 'hot' wire, connecting to one coil, then a Black ground wire, connecting to the 2nd coil, then a white wire connects the two coils together
this white wire (or any other colour, just the wire that connects the pickups but isnt the ground or hot wire) then can be stripped back (can also cut it, just solder it back), then solder in another piece of wire (make sure its long enough too)

so now you should have 3 wires, Hot, Ground, and the new connection between the coils.
lastly just wrap some black tape or something else around the coil, this is optional but looks nicer.

how to use it? simple!, just get a switch, (any switch will do, toggles or push/pull pots etc) and wire it so when you move the switch, the wire gets connected to Ground, then that 2nd coil is essentialy disconnected from the guitar, and you'll get the split coil effect!

this is a cheap (one piece of wire, some solder, little bit of time) mod that's pretty handy for getting a little more sound out of your guitar, especialy if you have only got humbuckers and you want to brighten your guitar up a little when needed!

if this is a little hard to follow i've got some pictures i can upload later, too
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