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I have a question;

At what point do you think a beginner no longer is a beginner?

Depends. Time is sometimes OK to go by but some people can do way more than others in time... Like you could possibly achieve everything i've achieved in 2 years of playing in 1 year if you focus more or have a knack at it.

After 2 years I consider myself a low level intermediate player.

I suppose its all down to how you personally feel really. If you can do all the basics that a beginner should know like knowing the basic open chords, being able to remember and use them all fluently within rhythm etc.

Other people may say you need to be doing at more at beginner level but this is what I mean, its down to you.

If you were to bring me 2 people, 1 who had been playing for about a year, and then someone who had been playing for around 3 months practicing for the same average amount of time then you would be able to tell which is which.
When one spells "beginner" two different ways in the title of is post xD
Never!!! Im always learning and ive been playin since i was 12 or 13?? dont be ashamed of being a beginner, thats the biggest step in learning
That's a pretty relative question; I suppose looking at it that way is too vague to be really useful.

I mean, some guy who has no idea of what he is doing might think he is some kind of pro because he played for one year and managed to horribly shred sixteenth notes at 256 BPM. Actually, lots of beginners could probably do that in my opinion.

On the other hand, you might have a guy who has actually taken the time and money to get a music education. Lets say he has played guitar for something like five years- with a good instructor and lots of productive practice. This guy could call himself a beginner because of what he knows he doesn't know or even something like stage fright.

Maybe those aren't the best examples...

Anyways, I would say it is more useful to use more tangible figures. You could measure how well someone could keep timing as accurately as you wanted to these days, you could measure how quickly they could play cleanly... there are a bunch of abilities/classes of abilities.

I guess you could take these figures into account and call someone a beginner/intermediate/professional based on these values, but the term wouldn't have credibility without a more accurate way to measure these things. It would be interesting to see people try to actually make official classifications for these things, but it would be rather pointless.

I always imagined it like a video game; you level up as you progress certain skills.
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Well I think you're an intermediate player if you are comfortable with the entire fretboard, as in you know your hand positions etc
Requirments (That i can think of)
- Be able to play a handfull of songs correctly
- learned common techniques like palm mute, hammer ons, slides
- play moderatly fast with precision
- Be comfortable playing/switching chords
- learning songs takes a few minutes opposed to days/weeks (but always take your time)
- laughs at noobs...then give em lessons
I think it's getting to know what styles you're happiest playing, and having the confidence to play in front of people. Technique doesn't really matter that much, but it's still important.

Although in saying that, even though I highly doubt he can play a Gm7 swept arpeggio, you could hardly call Billie Joe Armstrong a beginner, could you?
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The reason I ask this question is because; ive only played for 3 years, and a few friends wanted me to show them how to play, so I did and a couple have become pretty good, however they can play things like; Hysteria, Crazy Train, Most Nirvana songs all pretty well and including solos, however they wanted to know what level they would be at (i.e Beginner, Intermediate, Pro) but I think that even though they can play a few songs they are still beginner because they are learning the songs one by one, whereas when i learnt; i learnt scales and a load of techniques.

My point is i think to progress to intermediate level or pro you need to be able to look at a tab and already have processed the techniques and how it should sounds from experience; rather than a step by step approach to a mass learning of songs

Thats just my thoughts anyway; Im just fascinated by the question
I dislike such labels, so I suggest not bothering yourself with the question like "Am I/Is X-person a beginner or not?"
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