After 4 years of playing, i tried to do something different this time. I heard this song first time about 3 weeks ago
and i was hooked. It seemed impossible to play like Eric Johnson does, so i played it my way. Pretty noobish parts, but
the emotion stayed with it : D

Another difficult thing was to get one clean take. I took like 230,45 takes and this one seemed ok. Hope you like it : )

Give me some feedback, or some songs which i should learn!
Some great playing in there. You did a good job of making it your own, but my personal opinion is that it's one of those songs that sounds so great the way it is, and not so much being redone in certain areas, but you still got a lot of its signature licks in there. Also felt like you didn't have enough high end in your tone, whether that's due to using neck pickup throughout, or your amp, or just the fact you're using a les paul style guitar, rather than a strat, I'm not sure. You put some good licks in there though!
Thank you Lavatain!


Yes, I was quite aware of that maybe i take too big step, cause that song is hard as **** and my own style compared to johnson style, especially in this song had no chance. So i agree, no fooling around on johnsons terroritory : P

Yup, i have one mexican strat. I practiced with it but i got cleaner sound with les paul.

I was using Pod x3 with one of my Johnsons presets. Fuzz cuts highs very effectively, but i gotta admit, poor mixing.

but anyway. Im proud of that i ran it trought with my own style and got pretty clean result : P

Thank you again for feedback!
Well done!
You obviously know how to play, but there is always room for improvment. Take a look at Eric's live videos. He uses alot of hybrid picking to achieve his sound and be able to play his licks. A great example is that lick where he pedals with the high note at the high e string while string skipping. If I remember correctly, he use his middle finger for the high e note and the pick for the rest.
What I think is the G string sound a tiny bit sour, and it's either caused by the string being slightly out of tune, or an intonation issue on the guitar. Quite noticable in the chorus.
The tone could have been a bit brighter than in this video, but I see that's already pointed out by a previous comment here.

Still I got to say you did a good job, but it look and sounds like you're a metal guitarist being forced to play in a more rock style than you're used to. Just my opinion, but I'm being honest.

Keep rocking!
Thank you JB95,

Yes, very good point. I just checked some Johnsons live material, I gotta say, i have alot to learn.

My guitar idols are mainly just Iron Maiden guys (Gers,Murray,Smith) so now when im watching my video afterwards, i see what u guys are talking about : D Iron Maiden + Eric Johnson instrumental song = Huge mess.

But thats why i make videos, to learn. So i thank you guys. You gave me alot of thinking about. Also i got pretty inspired that Johnson playing thingy, so maybe i practice few weeks and try it again : P Cheers
I must say, WOW

You did good job, kid!

Im kinda confused how people reacted. You obviously said, its a cover, so why the hell people are wining about how u do not sound like eric johnson, or you didnt play it "right". most retarded comment, i found on youbute "sorry to say you missed the whole point of this song. It's obviously not your type of song. Less metal, more rock!"

Haha, cmon. This guy did his very own version of it with mixed some famous eric stylish licks, and made it sound awesome. I just really liked this performance. people should think twice before leave a comment.

Keep on rockin in the free world!
Your tone... Oh my god. I couldn't even focus on the playing because the tone was so good...