Hey all, sorry to make a thread on this. Trying to figure out what I can do, before my new amp gets here.

I'm getting a Red*Bear MK60, there are 4 outputs: 1x16ohm, 1x8ohm, and then there are 2 4ohm outputs. I have 2 8ohm Marshall MG412BCF cabs. Can I split these with a Y adapter, and just plug into 1 of the 4 ohm outputs?

Thank you UG.
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Your post is very hard to read. Amplifiers have speaker OUTPUTS, not inputs.

If you indeed have 2 4ohm outputs you can hook each of your 8ohm cabs to the 4 ohm jacks. Both 8 ohm cabs hooked to each jack would be 4 ohms.

You could also do a "Y" cable as you mentioned.
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