I just picked up an old predator at a local pawn shop recently and I would like to know more about it. It has a 3-way switch in between the volume and tone knobs and I'm not real sure how to use it or if it's even stock. Also, it has a humbucker. Is that stock? Any input would be appreciated. Thanks!
Though I can't provide much input, pictures of the guitars headstock/serial number(If available) will be a huge help to anyone trying to help.

Sorry I can't help, but with pictures I would imagine someone else can, maybe getting a mod to move this to the EG forum will help a bit more too.
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how old?

i have an 82 peavey horizon, which is also MIA can't beat it for $40.

there seem to be a ton more predators though, and i have heard that they are MIA even into the early 90's, but i am not totally sure.

post a serial number and pics.
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It appears (just based on a preliminary google search) that the Predator came in HH, SSS and HSS configurations, so the 'bucker could be stock. As the the three position switch it could be something like coil tapping or phase inversion ("out of phase"). Does changing it's position seem to effect the tone based on the position of the [other] pickup selector?
Here's the pictures, and here's the serial number (some of it is kind of worn off) but here is what I can see, 07995375. Thanks.

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You need an actual URL inside those IMG tages, not just a number...
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I did a little more research, I can't find a stock model with a humbucker. Nor could I find one with a mini toggle. I'm just courious, what is that mini toggle really called? It makes the guitar have a huge range. Thanks for all the input.
I had one of those but mine had a 3-per-side headstock. Those are pretty good guitars. Good snag!
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I had one of those but mine had a 3-per-side headstock. Those are pretty good guitars. Good snag!

Thanks man! I think I did good on it myself.