I'll start off with a picture:

A Mesa Boogie Lone Star.
I've only had it for a couple of hours, but I had already played it.
Traded in my Dual Rectifier for it and I'm glad I did.

A quick review:

I started with blank settings and started adjusting them.

I will use this as my clean channel, because channel 2 has more options for driving it (such as a thickness switch and an extra gain stage, although I don't need that). This clean channel is really insane. I was pretty surprised with the cleans on the dual rectifier, but this is a whole other level. Rings out beautifully and it's just plain awesome. I dare say I like this more than a Vox AC30, which always was my favourite clean tone. The built-in reverb isn't superb, but it's a nice added touch.

This will be my channel for drive sounds, as mentioned above and I'm really liking it. I have the feeling I would benefit from a nice overdrive pedal in front of it, but it sounds really good as it is as well, in my opinion. It has more than enough gain for what I need in my band and not too much either. It's still very defined even with the gain a little higher up. I don't think I'll be using the extra gain stage, honestly, as it has enough gain on the "clean" setting for me. I'll play around with it to see if it sounds better, but I'll see. :-)

All around, this is just exactly what I needed for my band. Sure, it doesn't do metal, which is a pity, but I intended on buying a separate amplifier for that anyway. Other than that, I like that it has reverb built-in, as I don't have a reverb pedal (yet) and some reverb on clean sounds is nice. I also am really glad it has a built-in volume boost that is footswitchable. It was probably the little thing I liked most of the Dual Rec. It also looks great, I love blue tolex with the silvery cloth.

It's rather noisy (it has some sort of cooling tank), but that doesn't matter when you play.
I might record some stuff later, but for now, I'll be playing around with it. :-)

Those amps have great cleans
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Damn. I'm jealous. I love the Lonestar Series.


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Congrats on the new amp! I also have a Lonestar V2 and a Lonestar Special here. I don't notice the cooling fan to be that much of a problem. In fact, I don't even hear it from here. If you like it now, just wait until you start playing around with the power tubes and swapping them out. My general experience was that the 6L6 tubes supplied with the amp created a bit of noise at the output. I tried some EL-34s in it and eventually some 6V6s, which I really like. I've also had a couple of issues with preamp tubes in my Lonestar - one preamp tube failed a week into ownership and I have another one right now that's a little spotty and causes the output to intermittently drop a little. Other than that, it's been a good amp. The Special hasn't experienced any problems at all.

Enjoy that new amp!
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I'd love to have a Mark V in the future, but for now, it's too expensive for me. =P Hope you're having fun with yours though. :-)

@Ippon: One of your first?

@ihartfood: It works for now, yes, and I'm really happy. This will be a keeper I think, but I also thought the Dual Rec would've been and I can't see myself buying one again, honestly. :P Time will tell, I guess. GAS is a bitch.

@KG6_Steven: Thanks for the info, I'll take it into account when the tubes need replacement. :-) There are Mesa 6L6 tubes in it now (not the original ones) and it sounds great. I'll see what get in next.
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i see that you have 2 cables running into the amp, whats the deal with that?
are you running into both channels at the same time or do you have an A/B box?
very nice
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I was glad it wasn't a combo, I don't like hauling 65 pound stuff around. :P
It's blue tolex with silvery cloth. :-)