hi all

i'm looking at picking up at hayden mofo head this week and i'm excited about the tones..

also looking to get the amp due to it having an fx loop which is desirable, however looking through the online manual it says i need an insert cable as the head only has the one jack input for the fx loop? (normally would have the return and send individually?)

I just wanted to know where i'd get this cable?! I've never seen this before..
fly135 is right on the money. You also use the same lead for the insert loops on mixing boards and the like. My question and its mostly out of curiosity, is why is the loop done in such a way on this amp?
It's often done to save room but really, it's been a standard way to do it on mixing desks for decades. It's just as valid as any other method. Others don't use insert cables probably because they think guitarists are all stupid drug addicts.
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ahh i'm in the UK, so they're pretty standard cables to pick up? can't say i've seen them before on any head!
i dare say award session or kabl could make you one...
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